Sep 11
Great new blog about the Chinese track at Lauder
11 Sep, 2012. 0 Comments. MBA. Posted By: Denis
Ladies and Gents, Do visit this link to read about the life and fun of the new Chinese track at Wharton/Lauder!   There is much to read and see.
Apr 28
Life and Business Lessons by Seymour Schulich
28 Apr, 2012. 0 Comments. MBA. Posted By: Denis
I am reading Seymour Shulich's book, called "Get Smarter", and here's an interesting piece of advice that he gives in regard to industries he would avoid if he were to choose a career today. I thought it would be a good point to consider for MBA's: Mr. Shulich writes "in general, I would avoid: airlines auto parts retailing biotechnology grocery stores chemicals wholesaling machinery manufacturing paper and forest products auto manufacturing restaurants appliance manufacturing trucking any manufacturing that competes with China telecom services" I am looking at the list, and I see that I personally may need to re-think the…
Mar 12
Add rigor and system to your application to Wharton MBA
12 Mar, 2012. 3 Comments. MBA. Posted By: Denis
In my last post I outlined why I think most applicants to Wharton fail, and also gave a few pointers on what should be done instead. In this post I am offering a simple way to approach the application to Wharton and Wharton/Lauder in a rigorous and organized way. In the Art of War, Sun Tzu summarized the fundamental principles for an MBA application strategy in a very eloquent and surprisingly up-to-date verse: 故曰:知彼知己,百戰不殆;不知彼而知己,一勝一負;不知彼,不知己,每戰必殆。 i.e. "So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss. If you…
Mar 8
Why Most Applicants to Wharton Fail
8 Mar, 2012. 0 Comments. Admissions process, MBA. Posted By: Denis
Wharton is a super elite business school, make no mistake about that.  Note and shameless plug: The Wharton/Lauder program is even more exclusive. Every year thousands of applicants submit their applications in hopes of joining the ranks of Wharton MBAs with a unique life-long access to cutting edge business thought and education, an exceptional and powerful alumni network, very handsomely paid jobs (for the rest of their lives), and a good chance at extreme wealth and power anywhere they go. A Wharton MBA changes one’s life for the better. It has changed my life for the better, and I know…
Jan 27
How Lauder-Preneurs are Building a Website that Brings Transparency to Global Healthcare, One Doctor at a Time
One of the biggest problems EVERY country in the world faces is the lack of transparency in healthcare, particularly as it pertains to quality and costs.  Why does the cost of healthcare differ so much between countries? Why does it differ between states or even cities?  Worse yet, why does it differ at the same exact hospital when two different people come knocking at the door?  Additionally, how does a person find a doctor or dentist at home or abroad?  What are the qualities that make a good doctor?  Three of us Lauder-Preneurs (Alejandro-Portuguese ’09, David-Chinese ’09, and Gabriel-Portuguese ’09)…
Nov 24
Wonderful Piece of Advice to Entrepreneurs by Prominent Lauderpreneur
24 Nov, 2011. 0 Comments. MBA. Posted By: admin
I need to share this hands-on and insightful blog post by Davis Smith, the founder of www.baby.com.br This post echoes Paul Hynek's view (see previous post) that entrepreneurs with the Wharton MBA are much better positioned to succeed: http://thewalnutstreetjournal.blogspot.com/2011/10/value-of-mba-for-entrepreneurs.html  
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