Sep 23
Paul Hynek: Think of the two years on campus as orientation for the life-long program.
23 Sep, 2011. 0 Comments. Lauder Spotlight, MBA. Posted By: admin
Paul Hynek, who is the current President of the Lauder Institute Alumni Association, has kindly found time to talk with the me about his experience at the Wharton/Lauder program.  One of the recurring themes that is not difficult to identify in conversations about the Wharton/Lauder program with the alumni is that it invariably has a profound positive influence on both professional and personal development.  Paul's career success and contributions to communities everywhere he goes speak for themselves. What’s the magic recipe behind the positive force of the program?  How does one harness the great potential and take advantage of the many opportunities…
May 20
“Lauder Spotlight” shines onto Paul Bergman and The Freshary
Paul Bergman is a Wharton/Lauder alumnus who has founded China's first and only organic ice cream and baked goods producer and retailer--The Freshary.  He is among the pioneers of China's green retail; it is exciting that he has also made history by establishing the only LEED Gold Certified food production and retail facility in China! Please, check out  the Freshary's wonderful bi-lingual website, and be sure to stop by the store when you are in Shanghai. Here is a first-hand video report from inside the flagship store: Interview Paul, please introduce yourself: Grew up in suburbs of New York, went…
May 17
“Lauder Spotlight” featuring Matt Axelrod
17 May, 2011. 0 Comments. Lauder Spotlight, MBA. Posted By: Wes
Posted by Wes Whitaker (Russian Track, Class of 2012) with Porter Leslie (Portuguese Track, Class of 2012) Porter and I decided that we should seize the opportunity to run a Lauder Spotlight interview featuring a graduating second-year student before they all slip back into the real world.  Given recent events in the Middle East and North Africa, our choice was pretty simple.  So, as promised, we recently sat down with Matt Axelrod (Arabic Track, Class of 2011).  Matt was the Director for Egypt and North Africa at the Pentagon, worked in the U.S. Embassy in Egypt, and spent two years…
Apr 15
“Lauder Spotlight” featuring Erica Sugai
15 Apr, 2011. 0 Comments. Lauder Spotlight, MBA. Posted By: PorterLeslie
Posted by Porter Leslie (Portuguese Track, Class of 2012) with Wes Whitaker (Russian Track, Class of 2012) This past Friday, Wes and I battled some spring showers to meet with the lovely Erica Sugai (Japanese track, Class of 2012) at the chic café La Colombe just off of Rittenhouse Square.  Erica is a dual Japanese/American citizen who grew up in Germany and has family in Hawaii.  Prior to Wharton, Erica worked in the fields of risk consulting, finance, and law. Erica’s background makes her a bit of a professional chameleon, which means she fits right in at Lauder.  Also, her…
Mar 27
“Lauder Spotlight” featuring Dominic Skerritt
27 Mar, 2011. 0 Comments. Lauder Spotlight, MBA. Posted By: Wes
Posted by Wes Whitaker (Russian Track, Class of 2012) with Porter Leslie (Portuguese Track, Class of 2012) Three weeks later and I am finally able to catch a moment to sit down and type up our first ever "Lauder Spotlight" interview with Dominic Skerritt (Chinese Track, Class of 2012).  Dominic recently made headlines for knocking out his opponent in record time (1 minute and 10 seconds!) at the seventh annual charity boxing tournament between all graduate divisions of the University of Pennsylvania, dubbed "Philly Fight Night."  (See picture below.  Yes, that's Dom on the left!  Also, if you'd like to…