Mar 8
Why Most Applicants to Wharton Fail
8 Mar, 2012. 0 Comments. Admissions process, MBA. Posted By: Denis
Wharton is a super elite business school, make no mistake about that.  Note and shameless plug: The Wharton/Lauder program is even more exclusive. Every year thousands of applicants submit their applications in hopes of joining the ranks of Wharton MBAs with a unique life-long access to cutting edge business thought and education, an exceptional and powerful alumni network, very handsomely paid jobs (for the rest of their lives), and a good chance at extreme wealth and power anywhere they go. A Wharton MBA changes one’s life for the better. It has changed my life for the better, and I know…
Nov 24
Wonderful Piece of Advice to Entrepreneurs by Prominent Lauderpreneur
24 Nov, 2011. 0 Comments. MBA. Posted By: admin
I need to share this hands-on and insightful blog post by Davis Smith, the founder of This post echoes Paul Hynek's view (see previous post) that entrepreneurs with the Wharton MBA are much better positioned to succeed:  
Sep 23
Paul Hynek: Think of the two years on campus as orientation for the life-long program.
23 Sep, 2011. 0 Comments. Lauder Spotlight, MBA. Posted By: admin
Paul Hynek, who is the current President of the Lauder Institute Alumni Association, has kindly found time to talk with the me about his experience at the Wharton/Lauder program.  One of the recurring themes that is not difficult to identify in conversations about the Wharton/Lauder program with the alumni is that it invariably has a profound positive influence on both professional and personal development.  Paul's career success and contributions to communities everywhere he goes speak for themselves. What’s the magic recipe behind the positive force of the program?  How does one harness the great potential and take advantage of the many opportunities…
Aug 3
Lauder Culture Quest 2011 A Success
3 Aug, 2011. 0 Comments. MBA. Posted By: admin
Miriam Grobman, WG'11, was one of the lucky Wharton MBA's to dash through Central America with Lauder Culture Quest this year. She wrote this blog post especially for the Wharton/Lauder blog: Lauder Culture Quest took place on May 19- 31 and took us, 50+ adventurous Lauderites from the classes of 2011 and 2012 across 7 different countries in Central America. Most of us first met in Belize City Airport and took a bus across the border to Tikal in Guatemala. We faced our first team challenge at the other side of the border, trying to collect all the group members…
May 17
“Lauder Spotlight” featuring Matt Axelrod
17 May, 2011. 0 Comments. Lauder Spotlight, MBA. Posted By: Wes
Posted by Wes Whitaker (Russian Track, Class of 2012) with Porter Leslie (Portuguese Track, Class of 2012) Porter and I decided that we should seize the opportunity to run a Lauder Spotlight interview featuring a graduating second-year student before they all slip back into the real world.  Given recent events in the Middle East and North Africa, our choice was pretty simple.  So, as promised, we recently sat down with Matt Axelrod (Arabic Track, Class of 2011).  Matt was the Director for Egypt and North Africa at the Pentagon, worked in the U.S. Embassy in Egypt, and spent two years…