Vaulting Dashboard
Vaulting Dashboard

Securely store customer data

Footprint securely vaults three types of data: identity data, payment card data, and custom key-value data.

Confidential computing

Nitro Enclaves provide isolated compute environments that are designed for processing highly sensitive data.

Trusted execution environment

All interactions produce a signature which asserts there has been no tampering to the underlying environment.

Vaulted immediately

When a user goes through the Footprint KYC flow, their data is automatically vaulted.

Built-in permissions

Create unlimited roles to make sure the right people in your org have access to the right data.

All of your customer data.

The Footprint dashboard brings good security into an intuitive and interactive dashboard.

Audit trail timeline

Compliance regimes can export records with a click of a button.

Device insights

Goodbye heuristics. Hello real people.

We've got all the features

See why product, engineering, risk, and security teams live in Footprint.

Manual review

In the event we can't automatically verify a user, you can easily review them yourself and make a pass/fail decision.

Auth & IAM

Identity should not be limited to onboarding. Footprint helps you bridge the identity gap from onboarding to auth to IAM.

Fraud & risk

By tying security to fraud to KYC, we can create a bar to enter the digital ecosystem.

Security logs

Each time data is accessed in, it automatically gets appended in our security logs, which are always accessible via API.


Footprint makes it easy to visualize when watchlist checks were run for continuous monitoring.

KYC retrigger

Sometimes you need to re-run verifications. We make it easy.

Free-form notes

Everyone is different. Understand the decisions you made with custom notes.

Field validations

We make sure the data you collect is valid real time.

Penguin floating on a block of ice

Onboard more customers and enjoy peace of mind. Today.