Frictionless Identity Verification

Onboard users with the click of a button. Offload handling sensitive data. Grow your user base quickly and securely with Footprint's one-click KYC and secure data vault.

  • Privacy is a human right

  • Selfie Checks aren’t liveness checks

  • We got you covered 😇

  • Focus on your company, we’ll handle the PII

  • We don't sell complexity, we sell results

  • Get more good actors in

  • Fraud detection should not be a moment in time

  • Without biometrics, how do you know who you’re letting in?

  • Accuracy and friction should not be a toggle

  • PII vaults made in 2022, not 2015

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Why Footprint?

Bringing back trust.

An enhanced experience

Accurate, portable, and secure user verification

Best-in-class security

Footprint’s privacy-preserving technology lets you satisfy KYC without needing to ever touch PII. Our secure patent-pending PII vault protects your user's data while saving you time and money.

Unprecedented accuracy

Footprint leverages cutting-edge biometric scans, patent-pending liveness checks, and peer-to-peer verification to validate real people in real time. Our ecosystem keeps bad actors out while creating a seamless experience for real users.

More functionality, less dollars

Footprint’s technology combines storage and verification. Our solution is up to 2x cheaper than traditional methods to verify and store PII because we are able to condense what today requires multiple tools into one.

Our advantages

A new, comprehensive approach to KYC & PII storage

12x faster

Our one-click flow increases conversion by dramatically reducing time to account creation.

10x dev experience

With a few lines of code, you'll have KYC and PII Vaulting running in less than a day. It's that simple.

2x cheaper

Say goodbye to needing separate KYC and Tokenization tools. We do both in-one, and pass along the savings.

Footprint is the first identity company I’ve come across to make onboarding frictionless while handling both KYC and PII storage. I’m very excited to use the product to make our onboarding experience better at DoNotPay.

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Joshua Browder
Founder & CEO of DoNotPay
Footprint Penguin
Footprint Penguin

PII vault

Own the data, disown the risk.

Our advanced PII vaults are built on top of secure Nitro Enclaves. Your customer's data is end-to-end encrypted: it can only be processed and read within our secure environment.


Privacy and security at your engineering team's fingertips

Instead of building or buying your own data vaulting system, use Footprint's integrated vaulting to achieve strong cryptographic protection for your most sensitive data.

Zero-trust by design

Our permissioned API ensures only the right parties can access the data they're allowed to see. PII data is never stored in plaintext.

Granular data access

Limit the exposure, only access the bare minimum data you need. Nothing else leaves our enclave-backed vaults.

Secure enclave backed

Our system guarantees that all PII data is always encrypted to our network gapped, storage / cpu / memory isolated Nitro Enclaves.

Our investors

Backed by the best founders & investors

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