Our radical approach to pricing: minimize your spend.

For a limited time: recoup the cost of your KYC!


KYC + PII Security

Next-gen encryption infrastructure to offload compliance, risk, and cost.




/ verification

PII Storage



/ person

/ month


Vaulting in managed Nitro Enclaves

Isolated compute environments for processing PII

Encryption and tokenization APIs

Fine-grained access control

Automatically generated audit logs

Full IDV + KYC checks

Market leading biometrics (e.g. FaceID, TouchID, etc.)

Dashboard that brings together your KYC + PII storage

Supports one-click KYC

Automatic step-up verification if needed

OFAC/Criminal watchlists


One-click KYC

Any user who is already on Footprint will be able to create an account in your platform and allow access to their PII with only one click.


Customize your plan




/ verification

Custom Data Vaulting

Unlimited tokens & decryptions



/ person

/ month

Vault Proxy

Process transactions without handling sensitive card data



/ person

/ month

Driver's license scan



/ scan

KBA (Knowledge based answers)



/ person

Continuous OFAC monitoring

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ACH verification

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Total cost

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between standard KYC and one-click KYC?

Standard KYC means a user has to fill out a form because they have not been previously seen by Footprint. One-click KYC is when a user who is already on Footprint creates an account for a second+ time, which requires them filling in their email and then FaceID automatically launching.

Why do you charge more for one-click?

We charge eight credits ($2.00) for the one-click. This is because companies report drop-off of north of 50% when users have to fill in a KYC flow. Due to the lift in conversion and extra LTV of the net new customers we bring in through replacing the form with one-click, we charge a premium.

How do I recoup the cost of KYC?

To be even more aligned with our early users, we will give you a rebate back of the two credits it costs to do standard KYC the next time that same person does a one-click KYC on another platform. If you onboard 100,000 people who are new to Footprint, you’ll spend $50,000, and you’ll get all of that back in credits to apply to future KYC when those people one-click for the first time elsewhere.

How does this compare to competitor pricing?

Most companies in our space actually don’t disclose pricing. Seriously. Stripe Identity to its credit does, and other than that Persona is the only company with a pricing page (though it does not mention any actual dollar amounts). This is purposeful—these companies charge complexity and add-on features you actually don’t need. Their incentives are for you to pay the most for each verification, because their business model revolves around verifying the individual moment-in-time. Anecdotally, our customers tell us we are much more affordable.

Do you charge for step-up verification?

Part of the beauty of Footprint is we automatically know when to step up during KYC. We charge $1 if we need to scan a driver’s license, and will then work with each customer to discuss if they would like to move to further document verification or KBAs.

Do you charge if the KYC fails?

Nope. Our goal is to get results and get good actors on your platform. We don’t want to make money from fails in the flow or a bevy of fraudulent actors we reject.

What is Footprint’s business model?

We operate a bit differently. We don’t want to make money by making verifications unnecessarily expensive. It’s why we give away biometric checks (e.g. FaceID, TouchID, etc) for free, and actually don’t recommend doing a driver’s license scan in many instances. While we’d be happy to make more money by doing a fairly simple task such as that scan, it really isn’t worth the money in most cases and adds unfortunate friction. Our business model has two core tenets to work: 1) democratize access to a best-in-class comprehensive security suite (with encryption, vaulting, access control, and audit logs), and 2) work toward a one-click future of identity. We charge accordingly.

Why do you disclose pricing?

Given our mission of bringing back trust and transparency to the Internet, we proudly display our pricing below, and genuine business model above. The pricing may change a bit over time, but we’ll update it here. As you’ll see below, we charge in credits for the KYC and Security product. For each user that does a standard KYC through you, we will give you a credit back each of the next three times they do a one-click KYC. That means you’ll recoup the cost of everyone you “onboard” to our network. Talk about aligned incentives :).

Do you support driver’s license scans?

Yes. We offer the ability to do a scan and selfie check for an extra $1 per verification, and will do a KBA for an extra $1.50. Our goal is to not do this unless your internal compliance team requires this, or if we can not make a confident pass decision without doing so. Unlike others in the space, our default is to not charge the extra dollar to do the DL scan.