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Streamline onboarding, verify licenses, and assess driving history in real-time

Streamline onboarding, verify licenses, and assess driving history in real-time

Footprint is built to help auto companies conduct robust yet seamless identity verification to reduce fraud and simplify the rental or purchase process

Social Security Number
Phone Number
Driver's License
Date of Birth

Verify identities.With extensive database connectivity and state of the art machine learning, Footprint has over 96% IDV accuracy.

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Verify credit.With one form and one dashboard, you can assess and verify PII and credit information.

Detect fraud.Detect and decision on fraud signals like behavioral biometrics and device level insights at the time of identity verification.

We know your problems...


The rising threat of identity fraud.Your users expect a frictionless onboarding process. This elimination of friction has led to a surge in fraud with over $50 billion in losses.


The high stakes of inadequate screening.The repercussions of servicing a fraudulent applicant can be severe and multifaceted. Property damage, financial losses, and legal complications are just a few of the potential pitfalls.


The elusive nature of effective fraud detection.Online forms and chatrooms provide perpetrators with tools and strategies to take advantage of the evolving landscape.

...and we know how to help ✨

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I love how Footprint is able to onboard users while offloading the storage of PII. Weʼre able to access the data we need while leveraging Footprintʼs secure vaulting for the collection and storage."
Michael Zambrano

Executive Head of Risk

@ Flexcar

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We have the experience and the expertise


Over 96% Document Fraud Accuracy.Our advanced doc scanning technology and machine learning models ensures unparralled precision in detecting document fraud.


Stopped over 1,000 attempts to use non-live selfies in security checks.With the use of App Clips, Footprint has the unique ability to detect and block non-live selfies.


Flagged over 1,000 mismatches between barcode and front data on licenses.The rise of AI generated fake identities and documents is no match for Footprint’s fraud detection. With machine learning, OCR technology and our advance scanning, you can detect and block any discrepancies.

Start onboarding your drivers safely and seamlessly now

Start onboarding your drivers safely and seamlessly now