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Reduce Fraud, Increase Trust in Rental Applicants by verifying identity + credit in one place

Reduce Fraud, Increase Trust in Rental Applicants by verifying identity + credit in one place

Footprint is built to help tenant screening companies conduct robust yet seamless identity verification to assist PMs

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Verify identities.With extensive database connectivity and state of the art machine learning, Footprint has over 96% IDV accuracy.

Social Security Number
Phone Number
Driver's License
Date of Birth

Verify credit.With one form and one dashboard, you can assess and verify PII and credit information.

Detect fraud.Detect and decision on fraud signals like behavioral biometrics and device level insights at the time of identity verification.

We know your problems...


The Rising Threat of Identity Fraud in Rental Applications.Evictions are up 35% in the last 10 years, primarily due to undetected fraud throughout the screening process.


The High Stakes of Inadequate Tenant Screening.The repercussions of renting to a fraudulent applicant can be severe and multifaceted. Property damage, financial losses, and legal complications are just a few of the potential pitfalls.


The Elusive Nature of Effective Fraud Detection:.Online forms and chatrooms provide perpetrators with tools and strategies to take advantage of the evolving landscape.

...and we know how to help ✨

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Footprint has been a significant improvement to our onboarding + fraud stack. It caught four new fraud cases in its first week live, and the app clip minimizes drop-off during document scanning."
Anuj Desai

Lead Product Manager

@ Findigs

We have the experience and the expertise


Over 96% Document Fraud Accuracy.Our advanced scanning technology ensures unparalleled precision in detecting document fraud, maintaining a high accuracy rate of over 96%


Stopped over 1,000 attempts to use non-live selfies in security checks.Footprint detected thousands of attempts to use screen captures instead of an actual selfie, and prevented close to 1,000 people who had non-live selfies.


Flagged over 1,000 mismatches between barcode and front data on licenses.As fraudsters can increasingly generate realistic images, ensuring it is a real upload has never been more salient. Even as bad actors create physical fake IDs, this is a great line of defense.

Enhance your screening experience today

Enhance your screening experience today